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    Hi allison man, I have a 99 Tiffin Allegro bay with 5.9 Cummings, 3060 Allison, and freightliner chassis, went on a trip to Disney week after Christmas, when I got home parked MH in driveway overnite, unloaded next morning and started up and parked in shed, two day later I was going to get out and clean outside, but will not start, the shift selector does not light up, don't know all connections to the shift selector but I checked and have 12V on one pin when the key is turned on, the gray connector has 12V on pin 16,32 and If i remember pin 26 when key on, not sure what all has to be correct for shift to light up.
    I talked to freightliner tech support and checked power to the VIM and its like it should be. Dont have any experence with these transmisson, can a service center check the controls if I remove them and take to shop?
    Its about 90 miles to any kind of MH service shops or Allison service center. If the TCM has to be changed can the program be uploaded from the old module or do I need to get it from Freightliner?
    have tried to look at all information on this site but don't see any with this problem.
    Is there anyplace that has wiring info for what has to connect to chassis
    thanks for any help

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