Allison transmission

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by specialgn, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. specialgn

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    I currently have a 2002 HD silverado with a allison transmission . During a snowstorm I noticed that the " SERVICE ENGINE SOON " light came on . I then noticed that my transmission started acting up. the LED for the gear selector was going into 3rd gear when I put it in reverse but the truck would then go into reverse. I also noticed that it would slam into drive and when put into reverse it would "jerk "
    the truck a little twice. Then when I got onto highway it would not shift into high gear . Truck has 25000 miles and is not worked hard.
    do you have any ideas?
  2. airtime_262

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    Allison transmission

    Mine did the same thing, it's nothing for the shop to fix if it hasn't been done already. Just a solenoid. I bet it won't stay in cc either, huh? No biggy, but I wouldn't drive it long like that.

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