ALLISON Transmission

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  1. hobo

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    Having some trouble with my Allison 6 going up a small hill.The warning light on the
    dash comes on and the temp goes to about 190-195 I ckecked the coolant and the
    fluid and all is good also not over loaded.Can enyone help with this trouble.This is
    the first time it has given any trouble.
    Thank you,
    Will try and get back on line in a day or two
  2. dbarton291

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    RE: ALLISON Transmission

    In order to answer, I need a little more info.

    1. Which Allison transmission model do you have and what kind of vehicle is it in?

    2. Which warning light comes on? What does it say?

    3. Which temperature goes to 190-195? Transmission? Engine water?

    4. Is the vehicle operation inhibited in any way when the light comes on?

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    Re: ALLISON Transmission

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    Re: ALLISON Transmission

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    Re: ALLISON Transmission

    welcome and join up

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