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  1. slim-1

    slim-1 New Member

    What happened to all the AllisonMan Post? 292 of them I think. This was a great topic. I need to find the posts. Ant help appreciated.

  2. Cindy Spencer

    Cindy Spencer Administrator Staff Member

    Re: AllisonMan?

    Click Search (top, left) filter by author (AllisonMan) and search all posts you will see them. :)

    Cindy @
  3. Bush70

    Bush70 New Member

    Re: AllisonMan?

    Allisonman stoped writing a long time ago. He said he was to busy and couldn't do it any more.
  4. slim-1

    slim-1 New Member

    Re: AllisonMan?

    Thanks, Cindy, and Bush70....I did understand he left a good while ago however, his information was very valuable to allison owners. I did find them Cindy, again, thanks.

    slim 99 41' Blue Bird LXi

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