Alloson Transmission cooler question

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    Allison MD3060
    I noticed the wiring to the fan on my trans oil cooler was disconnected. My question is how is the fan supposed to operate? Is it always on or is it on a thermostat. Where would the thermostat be? Mine looks messed with and I would like be sure to set it up properly. Thanks for any pointers
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    Re: Alloson Transmission cooler question

    Allison doesn't supply any of that hardware. Typically, the transmission cooler is an oil/water unit in either the side tank or bottom tank of the radiator and there's no fan specifically for that, just the engine fan. If this vehicle has a separate oil/air cooler added, they can have a fan controlled by a sending unit in the transmission cooling system somewhere. That way, when the trans oil temp exceeds a certain value, the sending unit fires a relay which turns on the fan.
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    Re: Alloson Transmission cooler question

    Thank you, I'll have a look around


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