Am I crazy?

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by roryferrari, Aug 2, 2009.

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    Just starting the process of purchasing a toyhauler. This may or may not be the best decision I have ever made. Seriously considereing moving to an rv park with the wife and living there. Advantages being the kids (step) will be forced to make their own way. Both of us will still be working and will be able to save a lot! Retirement is still 8-10 years down the road. Another plus is to simplify! There is just too much stuff!

    We have a lance camper now and have enjoyed it over the years. Now we feel we need something a little larger. We are buying a K-Z 3912sl 42' tripple slide. Our tow vehicle is a 02 3500 dually crew w/ 8.1 (I believe).

    Any initial thought on this package? What is the learning curve like? Gotta be some dicey situations. I think I can do it, but it seems you would have to think several steps ahead. Example: wanting to exit and signs say nothing over 10k on this exit. Is that the real world of rv'ing and then some? I should be ok backing and towing. I think this must be the process getting into the correct mind set!
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    Re: Am I crazy?

    David, what makes you think your step-"kids" won't just follow you? :clown:

    Reading between the lines, I don't think this is a very good reason to go full time. You'll probably just end up storing all the "stuff" that won't fit in your trailer.

    You need to get the weight specs for the truck and trailer you are interested in. Everyone here will need that to see if your truck will pull it with all your "stuff" in it. The weight of your "stuff" will be important, too. A good estimate anyway.

    If you can back up and tow a trailer, you will learn the rest of it as you go.

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Re: Am I crazy?

    Thank you Paul,

    Toy hauler Dry is 14,315 Hitch 2,800 GVRW 19k Net carry weight4,700 with 3 x 6k axles. PU is GVWR 11,400. Not really sure If I would be using all net carrying. I see it can add quickly w/almost 1k lb of water. I'll have to see after loading for a practice run and stop by the scales.

    Looks like a great forum with lots of general and specific knowledge. The search feature is my friend!
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    Re: Am I crazy?

    My concern is how old are the kids :eek: :laugh: ;) That's a pretty hefty trailer and you will find some tight spots for one this size. Watch for turns and overhead obstructions. Drive a safe speed and start your stops early. Even the 3500 might be a little small for this load but just gussing. Never towed one this size. Welcome to the forum

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