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Discussion in 'Destinations' started by hotrod, Jul 8, 2011.

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    New to site but not rving but need some advice, We will be heading from Amarillo to Colorado Springs with a 34' Cedar Creek pulled by a 2001 Ford SuperDuty diesel automatic. But old Red has 212,000 miles on him so I'm concerned about any hard passes such as Raton that might be too hard for him(and ME). Appreciate any help anyone that has pulled this direction could provide. And do have a new tranny(stock) already on it with 4" exhaust,AFE air intake and Edge programmer.
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    Re: amarillo-colorado springs

    Hello Ken and welcome to the forum!! I am assuming you are from the Amarillo area. One of our favorite RV Resorts is off I-40, Oasis RV Resort. Now that is one really nice place.

    To get to your question, we have a motorhome and have never had to tow. But there are a lot of very knowledgeable folks around this forum and I am certain one or more will have answers for you!

    Safe travels!! :)
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    Re: amarillo-colorado springs

    Hi Ken, big red is just getting broke in I really don't think you will have any problem, just take your time and enjoy the sites
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    Raton's no problem. But looking at the date of your post, you've probably already done the trip. Let us know how it went. I take it you lost a 4R100 because you mentioned a new transmission, a chip and exhaust, but nothing about gauges. What happened to the tranny? I rely on my two mechanics for advice, one a Kenworth mech, the other a driver and owner of a stock car racing garage. They both advised me to stay stock and forget about gauges except for the transmission. The stock in Powerstrokes of that era were useless. Mine reaches full operating temp according to the dial before a half mile is driven, while my Isspro gauge is still basically flat. And under load during the day it will run around 150 - 200 depending on outside temp and grade, while the stock sits at that same spot. Of course, chipped up, you run some risks and probably need and EGT readout.

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