An RV Broker to aviod

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by dwerum, Nov 16, 2001.

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    I would like to let other RVers know about a pit fall, that unfortunately I fell into. I discovered a web site called, which purported to be a broker who would negotiate on my behalf and "guaranteed" to save me thousands of dollars on my RV purchase. Rather, what I experienced was, after a few days the individual stated that he was unable to find a dealer who would negotiate with him and was unable to complete a purchase on my behalf.

    This took place in March; it’s now November. I still have not received a refund of my $599 fee and RVexperts has long since ceased responding to my inquiries. While I am resigned to the loss of my fee (paid as a bank transfer rather than by credit card) I would like other RVers to learn from my mistake.
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    An RV Broker to aviod

    If there were mail transactions involved, you can go for postal fraud thru US Post office but from the info you gave, this doesn'tlook to be the case.

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    An RV Broker to aviod

    i have seen this website and was interested. thanks for info but sorry to hear of your misfortune. hope you make it up when you do purchase. maybe someone on the site can help you find a good dealer. what are you looking to purchase and where are you from?
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    An RV Broker to aviod

    I am not making any judgement about this situation since obviously I don't know the facts. However, when I went to look at the site that you mentioned, I believe that it said in the FAQ's that you pay only after the transaction is completed. (That, of course, makes me wonder why anyone would provide a bank account number and authorize a transfer in advance.) Therefore, I would first talk to my bank to see if there is any recourse against fraudulent transactions. Second, I would contact the attorney general in my home state and in the state in which this company operates to see if there is any recourse through wire fraud and RICO laws. Good luck!
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    An RV Broker to aviod

    I am replying to this topic to put it back at the front-end of the list. Wonder if it was ever resolved to the writer's satisfaction. Shelly /

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