Anbody use Dyco to seal roof?

Discussion in 'RV Tips & Tricks' started by j1sharb, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. j1sharb

    j1sharb New Member

    Anbody use Dyco to seal roof? I have many leaks and it was recommended to me by a dealer.
  2. Kirk

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    Re: Anbody use Dyco to seal roof?

    I suspect that what you mean is Dicor, which is the manufacturer of nearly all of the EDPM(rubber) roof materials. They also sell a high quality, self leveling, caulking material which is compatible with your rubber roof. It is the only kind of caulk that I carry and I use it for most purposes.
  3. mauser98

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    Re: Anbody use Dyco to seal roof?

    I have used the sliver color mobile home coating before first caulk the seams the apply the geniusouly the let dry wil help keep it cooler
    and water tight
  4. tomc

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    Re: Anbody use Dyco to seal roof?

    i just bought a 1993 24ft TT previusly i had a pop up for 5 years i know little about TT but im learing fast as the saying goes there is no fool like an old fool i bought without checking the roof,last week i had a look wow what a mess looks like a lot of the previous roof coating was gone and what was left was like alligator skin.
    the trailer has been in storage in a very large barn for 3 years living in vancouver canada this time of year its a wet climate i have most of the roof cleaned not perfectly all the loose stuff is gone now i want to wash and and seal the roof which is metal i went to an rv store to get these things i looked at dicor coatings the store person told me no what i seal the roof with it will all go hard in a year and flake of is this correct.
    there is a putty substance at both end caps it looks ok no cracks what do i do cover the putty with tape before painting and along the roof edges do i need to tape all along the trailer as well,i can take of the maxflo covers but im advised by the guy in the store not to take the cover of the airconditioner as it may crack so what do i use to seal around the vents and airconditioning unit there is no tears or damage otherwise to the roof any suggestions

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