Another Mfg closes Doors

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    DARLING New Member

    We just got an e-mail from a freind who has an ALFA 5er that ALFA closed its doors last night. Every one laid off.

    I do not know how to put in links in but the address is


  2. DL Rupper

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    Re: Another Mfg closes Doors

    I wonder if it's a sign of the times. :eek:
  3. utmtman

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    Re: Another Mfg closes Doors

    Sadly another one bites the dust. Wonder how many more before its all over with.
  4. Kirk

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    Re: Another Mfg closes Doors

    Has Kingsley Coach shut its doors?
    By Greg Gerber @ 2:54 PM :: :: 0 Comments :: [Article Rating] :: Manufacturing News [Click to print]

    ZIMMERMAN, Minn. -- Nobody knows for sure what's happening at Kingsley Coach, but the signs point toward another manufacturer shutting its doors.

    Reports to RV Industry News today suggested that the company had ceased operations. The telephone system is not working for their toll-free or local lines. E-mail is being accepted through their website.

    However, staff at Zimmerman City Hall report they, too, have been unable to reach the company concerning a water bill at the numbers they have on file. City workers believed the company was still operating, but didn't know for sure.

    Calls to PTA Holdings, one Kingsley's partners in developing new fuel cell technology, caught one of the principal owners by surprise. He, too, had not heard anything from the company.

    Kinglsey Coach is a manufacturer of custom motorhomes, command post vehicles, emergency response vehicles and mobile medical units.

    RV Industry News will continue monitoring the story and provide updates when available.

    DARLING New Member

    Re: Another Mfg closes Doors

    Was reading in the WSJ(5-13-08), an aritcle by Jeff McCracken that Fleetwood & Coachman are in serous trouble. :(

    Darlin :cool:
  6. Guest

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    Re: Another Mfg closes Doors

    I seen that too ,, but did not read the entire article ,, this had to happen ,,, who is gonna put out big bucks on a new rv and then not have the money to used it ,, LIKE IT SHOULD be used ,,, the weekend thingy ,,, does not justify a new purchase for me ,, but MO ,, so i'll leav it at that ;)

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