antifreeze for an RV

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by smoky, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. smoky

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    Please advise if you know the answer :blush:

    We are flushing the radiator. Should the antifreeze concentration be just as it says on the antifreeze bottle or should it be more concentrated for an RV?

    We have a 1985 35'tandem axle Vogue. :laugh: It has a Chevy 454 engine.

    thanks for your experienced advice! :approve:
  2. Poppa

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    antifreeze for an RV

    When flushing the radiator do just as the instruction says.
    The newer antifreezes are also coolants. They do a better job of heat transfer than good old water.
    If you dilute the coolant you are defeating the purpose.
  3. C Nash

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    antifreeze for an RV

    If I remember correctly GM recommended a 50 50 mix. Ck your manual if you have one. Some of the coolents come pre mixed now. We always just poured a pure gallon of coolent to a gallon of water course CM recommende mixing prior to pouring in the radiator but, my thinking was if you ran the engine the water pump should be a pretty good mixer :laugh:
  4. Kirk

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    antifreeze for an RV

    Most modern coolants not only advise an 50/50 mix, but they also suggest the use of distilled water for that mix. You can even buy premixed coolant today that is good to keep on hand for make up coolant.

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