Anyone Pull with an SUV?

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by sandiegotravelers, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. sandiegotravelers

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    Hello RV Talkers!!

    I am looking for anyone out there that pulls a TT with their SUV. I have a 2007 27' Fleetwood Wilderness Scout (7500lbs GVWR). I have a 1 year old and a newborn on the way, so will need to travel with car seats for quit a few years. This will also be my wife's means of transportation to and from work for the week.

    I have noticed that the Suburban and Yukon's seem to be the only "capable" SUVs out there for this towing range.

    A pickup is not out of the question, it's just a matter of what is out there that would be a good weekly day driving car, 4 person family car and TT rig. I like anyone else wants the best mileage when towing and something with power and a comfortable ride.

    I would appreciate anyones input on my search for the best rig. Thanks a head of time and happy towing and camping.
  2. TexasClodhopper

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    Re: Anyone Pull with an SUV?

    If you find the ONE vehicle that will meet all of those requirements, then you will be the only one to have done so.

    Tell us what your PRIORITIES are in order of highest to lowest. Lowest being the ones that you WILL lose with a vehicle to tow your TT.
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    Re: Anyone Pull with an SUV?

    Your first decision is what kind of trailer you want to tow. That will provide some limitation on what vehicles you can get. By the GVWR of your Scout, I presume it is what is known as a 'half-ton' vehicle. With a few exceptions, most 1/2 tons can only practically tow about 5000 pound travel trailers (loaded weight, not dry weight).
  4. sandiegotravelers

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    Re: Anyone Pull with an SUV?

    The trailer I am towing is a 2007 27' Fleetwood Wilderness Scout (7500lbs GVWR). I found quit a few SUVs out there that would tow up to 7700lbs-9600lbs. I used many PDF files from TrailerLife Magazine.

    I found an '05 Expedition that will tow up to 8900lbs, with a vehicle GCVW of 14,000lbs. This vehicle fits within my range considering all my cargo, trailer weight, tongue weight etc. that needs to be considered.

    This will be a great vehicle for our growing family and the daily driving that the wife will need to do along w/ our trailer when needed. I tried to move into the Chevy/GMC SUVs, but almost all dealers and sellers really failed at making me happy. I searched and searched and searched the web for info on the Expedition and found many happy owners that tow up to or around 8000lbs with this vehicle.

    Wish me luck and happy camping. We have a Tahoe trip coming up Sept. 15th, so we will see how she handles.

    Happy RVing!!!! :)
  5. DL Rupper

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    Re: Anyone Pull with an SUV?

    Good luck and happy camping. :cool:
  6. mowerman47

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    Re: Anyone Pull with an SUV?

    I have a nissan xterra v6. I was suprised to see my owners manual states maximum trailer weights of 3,500lbs (i have a 5sp) the auto version is rated at 5,000lbs. I was looking at travel trailers, now I guess a pop-up is my only option. What are the lightest travel trailers on the market?
  7. minky

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    Re: Anyone Pull with an SUV?

    It depends on what kind of RV you like. When I camp, the only time I want to see the inside of my camper is when I go to sleep, so a big comfy unit is not my preference. For others, comfort and space are the priorities. If you want to go light and look very cool doing it, you may want to consider getting a vintage Shasta or Serro Scotty camper. The little ones generally weigh far less than 2000 lbs. The prices are low, except for those that are perfectly restored. Check them out on eBay. You can get a nice one for less than $3000. Good luck. (Frankly, I wish I went this way instead of buying my Prowler. I think these campers look sharp.)
  8. Poppa

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    Re: Anyone Pull with an SUV?

    Don't want to dampen your ethusiam (SPELT IT WRONG DANG IT) but you need to add at least 1,500 lbs to your trailer weight for all the goodies you will be putting in it. The expedition has a what size engine, and rear end ratio and is it long wheel base which is very important ( mine was short wheel base and with 400# tongue load it steered weird and uncanny front comes up and the steering geometry gets messed up.. Last but not least where are you going to be towing, is it flat land or hill country makes a big difference.

    Look into a 4 door crew cab short wheel base in the 3/4 ton range, all the big three make them and there are plenty of good late model used ones out there
  9. minky

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  10. sandiegotravelers

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    Re: Anyone Pull with an SUV?

    I understand about all weight limits and how to factor in what. I have figured out all weights and have weighed the TT and rig at my local waste management on their scales. I am within all limits.

    '05 Expedition engine specs: 5.4L SOHC, 3 valves per cylinder
    Power: 5.4L 300 hp @ 5000 rpm
    Torque: 5.4L 365 lb-ft @ 3750 rpm
    Final Drive Ratio \ 3.73:1

    Wheel base is 119"

    This is the most ideal rig for our situation currently. We traveled from San Diego, CA to Lake Tahoe, NV recently on our first trip. We averaged 9 mpg. Total miles one way was 620. We encountered steep grades at the Tejon Pass and also climbing into the mountains near Tahoe. Some spots took me down to 40mph, but I took it slow and moved to the slow lane as one should. If we did not have these grades to deal with we would have avg. around 12-13 mpg.

    The rig handled great! I had to remind myself that I was towing the TT it was so smooth and comfortable. We encountered some wind and there was sway that I was able to handle and deal with. Being aware and alert should always be your #1 concern and I was. I was surprised that the big rigs really didn't affect me the way I thought they would. I found staying more to the right away from them as they pass really helps reduce the sway you encounter with them. NOTE: I have not purchased a sway control as of yet for my EAZ-Lift. I will say that once I do, I am sure I will feel even less sway when dealing with wind and big rigs.

    We had an awesome trip and a very safe one at that. Most of our trips will be on flat freeways/highways except for long distance trips like we took. Hopefully by the next big trip I will have the $$$$ for a "true" rig, but until then, the Expe does a great job.

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