Atwood 8525 IV Blower Motor repair - Hydro Flame

Discussion in 'Towables' started by hartcole, Oct 23, 2008.

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    The blower motor on my furnace starting screaching at startup and would never quiet down, so I ordered a new one. I am struggling to install it. I have the squirrel cage removed and the blower motor exposed. However, I can't seem to disconnect the motor from the combustion wheel. Anyone have any suggestions? Anything would be helpful. Thanks!
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    Re: Atwood 8525 IV Blower Motor repair - Hydro Flame

    Welcome to the forum. Do a search on furnace blower motor replace. A member just did this and you can see how he did his. The search feature is in the upper left top of the forum. Maybe he will read you post and reply.
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    Re: Atwood 8525 IV Blower Motor repair - Hydro Flame

    Hi Hartcole and welcome...

    I just replaced the motor on my furnace (8525 II) and it is probably similar to yours.....You will need a long Allen Wrench (hex wrench)...longer than you have now....need to go to a tool the Allen down through the fins on the combustion wheel to get to the allen set screw....
    Loosen the screw.....the wheel will stick on the metal housing so it cannot be removed...You will have to slide the motor out and leave the wheel in the housing. Motor will stick on the motor frame mounting strap which will have to be bent back quite a way to release the motor frame from the housing.

    Once you get the motor out....reversing the procedure is not hard

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