Aussies Needing Some Advice For Our American Trip!

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by NoRush, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. NoRush

    NoRush Junior Member

    My Wife and I have just finished two years traveling around Australia... and it's a great place to travel around too.... (just a quick plug for Australia here) :)

    We've both agreed that the US is the only place we both want to visit next... (just a quick plug for you guys) :)

    We plan to be on the road for 12 months and mainly spending time out of the cities... visiting most states, etc.!

    I have to have reliable internet/phone and over here, the more rural/remote locations can mean large external antennas, etc. and even Sat. Internet in some locations. What sort of internet/phone comms. needs can I expect as I travel around? I understand, that like here, there will be huge differences... but, just trying to get a handle on it so I can prepare!

    My work commitments require me to be pretty reliable!

    Thanks for your advice and suggestions!
  2. Triple E

    Triple E Senior Member

    There are a lot of camp grounds with WiFi. Some are free and some are not. I use a Verizon Air Card. For $50.00 a month and a 2 year contract you can use up to 5 gigs without any extra charges and I believe $85.00 for unlimited usage. I have only been in a few places where the card did not work. Some Rest Areas also have free WiFi. But to answer you question about reliable internet/phone, Verizon has the best coverage. JMHO.

    Hey welcome to RVUSA and welcome the USA. Please keep us informed on your travels. :applause:

    Who know we might meet at next years Meet and Greet.

    When are you planning to leave your beautiful country ( pun for you Aussies) to visit our beautiful country?
  3. NoRush

    NoRush Junior Member

    Thanks for the comms. advice, Triple E!

    Can anyone suggest US sites/links that show/suggest interesting places to visit on our US trip? We've done the both coasts and now want to explore a lot of rural America. It our intention to buy a 4X4 RV for our trip and we're prepared to rough it where needed!

    If anyone is interested.... we've just posted a Youtube video of my sisters visit to where we are now We're up in the Australian, Northern Territory. It's pretty remote by our standards.

  4. LEN

    LEN Senior Member

    There are so many places to see off the oceans in the US, best bet is to look at this site and a couple others and read where people have been and are going. All the national parks a lot of the state parks and look under boondocking for some of the out of the way and cheaper way to go. Verizon cell service with a smart phone will give internet as well and unless you are really back in the mountains or desert you will have service at your camp or near by. and you can conect the phone to the computer as well.

  5. NoRush

    NoRush Junior Member


    Searching on 'Boondocking' got me the info. I wanted... it's 'Going Bush' for me. I've also checked out Verizon!

    Could anyone advise your major US holiday months where sites are likely to get busier...

    I appreciate the assistance! If anyone is interested in fishing, this Youtube is of Charlottes' (10) fishing trips at King Ash Bay, Northern Territory. Our Winter camp and one of the best remote, fishing systems in Australia.
  6. Triple E

    Triple E Senior Member

    Our Holidays, I might miss some but here you go. January 1st.,,,,, Memorial Day, last Monday of May,,,,, July 4th, (Not sure why we celebrate this one. No one seems to care about our Constitution. JMHO),,,,,Labor Day, the first Monday of September,,,,, Thanks Giving, last Thursday of November,,,,, and Christmas, December 25th. There are a few others but I don't think they will affect the camp grounds.
  7. Luckiest Dreamer

    Luckiest Dreamer Junior Member

    I registered for this site because I wanted to respond to your post. This will be my first post here. I have visited your country and find it most interesting. I only wish that I could say that I had spent 2 years traveling it! My suggestion for traveling in the US is to pay a lot of attention to the seasons. Traveling in the upper Midwest during winter months (Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, and March) would be unwise. Florida, and the gulf coast States as well as New Mexico, Arizona, and California during the winter is where you would want to be. The Mountainous states like Colorado, Utah, Oregon Etc will allow you to travel with a different time line as altitude will decide when is the best there. Of course if skiing is one of your desires that will help with the decision as well. Visiting Cities like New York will be a different challenge than boondocking in Quartzite Arizona and naturally offer you a much different look at our rather diverse country. Finding RV Campsites in New York City will be much harder than finding one in the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Park. Much of the USA's history was started in the East and along our nations waterways. Finding interesting sites to visit will be along the waterways. Such as the naval Academy, or West Point (along the Hudson River) There are many large homes such as Vanderbilts, or Roosevelts, that can be seen along the Hudson river. Visiting the Midwest will get you to large cities like Chicago, or St Louis. Even Des Moines will give you a look at our areas of the best farming in the world. Spending time along the Missisippi River will get you yet another view of our great country.
    Buying a cell phone package from Verizon should get you as good of nationwide coverage as you can get. There are gray areas (mostly in the west) that getting a signal can be challenging but they have about the best coverage nationwide that is available. The need for a 4X4 RV will be limited as most of our country has paved roads. The RV'n in the mountains and the deserts are there and an occasional desire for that 4x4 could be handy but usually one would park The RV in an easy accessable camping spot and take a 4X4 off road vehicle from there.
    Good luck on your travels! I am jealous.
  8. try2findus

    try2findus Senior Member

    Welcome No Rush and Luckiest Dreamer! It's great having 2 new members who enjoy traveling as much as the rest of us.

    (we are jealous too!):)

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