Automatic Jack Controller

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    I have a 04 Fleetwood Revolution and sometimes the automatic jack controller will not cycle when the key is turned on. This prevents the air dump valve from operating and the air bags won't inflate. It is intermittent, but happens at the most inopportune times.
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    RE: Automatic Jack Controller

    Well first off .. Welcome ,, now u say that the auto jack thingy is random ,, u still have to hit a button to extend and retract the jacks right ???? even though it is automatic ??? but one question to think about ,, when it does not inflate the air bags ,, is the coach running ??? and does it do it more after a long stay somewhere ???
    I guess what i am getting at is this ,,, when it acts up ,, have u taken a mental note of when it seems to occur the most ??? Just trying to get more info ;) :approve: :approve: :) :) :) :)
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    RE: Automatic Jack Controller

    It happens periodically after being in storage and while on trips. When it doesn't cycle, you can't turn it on by pushing the on/off button because there is no power at the controller. Normally, when you turn the key on, lights begin blinking until it goes through its internal checks. It doesn't do that at times and when it doesn't, the dump valve won't operate and the air bags won't inflate and the jacks won't operate either. Thanks for your reply.
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    RE: Automatic Jack Controller


    I have an 08 Bounder Diesel. Had a similar problem. Found that one of the jacks was not retracting all the way from time to time. Had to replace the one jack. No problems since then.
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    Re: Automatic Jack Controller

    WELL on y 03 I had to replace one of the Hyd. valve. They sold us a hold valve assembly and it would not work. I finely (actually I begged) for just one valve and got one and that fixed the problem with mine.

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