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    I apologize that I dont know who replied to the post last week, but I would like to thank whoever recommended using a cleaner called Awesome from Dollar General. Just so happened I was planning on washing mine this weekend and I was not looking forward to it. After Dove, Deer, and Turkey seasons, it was a mess of dirt, mud, bugs and who knows what else. This stuff really lived up to its name cause it was awesome how easy it was to clean. Not an ad, just a new to try it on the awning.
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    Thanks for sharing!
  3. elkhartjim

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    The only thing I would be concerned with, does the product "Awesome" contain detergent. If so it will take the wax off. Even mild dishwashing detergent removes the wax. One thing I have just noticed. I applied Rain x on my windshield this week and of course it got covered with bugs on the trip home. It rained last night and it actually washed about 90% of the bugs off. Now that awesome.
  4. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    Yea and it is taking a small layer of paint and discoloring your decals also. Be carefull.
  5. Kirk

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    When some product is much cheaper than most, there is usually some good reason for that. I think that I would read, and understand the list of ingredients before I used too much of it. In fact, I do believe that I will stop by or local Dollar Store and check it out myself.
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    My decals are heading for 14 years and are getting a little thin in spots. I wouldn't use anything harsh on them.
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    Awsome cleaner is not new to RV's. It was promoted several years ago as the end all to black streaks. So of course I had to try it. It did work and didn't leave a film like some other products I've tried but it may have taken some of the wax off. I wax mine twice a year so no big deal. The best thing I have found for black streaks though is keeping the roof clean. :)

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