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    I have a 03 Mobile Scout 2706SL that lost it's awning and hardware..the brackets at the bottom measure 20 foot on wide a replacement awning do I order..I think a 20 foot one but I'm not sure..I intend to install it myself since RV places are so high..any help you can give will be very helpful..thanks in advance...
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    Re: awning installation

    How did you lose your awining. Will your auto insurance company cover it. My blew off while driving down the highway and it was covered.

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    Re: awning installation

    Was not owned by me when the awning was lost...
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    Re: awning installation

    My wife and I replaced our 20 foot a couple of years ago ourselves. I got a Carefree direct from them from their site on the net. I had to call to be sure about the size. I think you need the size of the measurement of where your arms mount. (center to center)

    We used the old top slide rail but replaced all the rest of the awning. We used two step ladders, with my wife feeding me the awning as I slid it thru the top member. As I remember we had it fully unrolled so we didn't have to be holding up the weight. Two people can do it but it would be easier with three people.

    The insructions were good on setting and adjusting the tension on the roller and I didn't have any problems getting the tension right so it would roll up. We had the roller setting on the top of the step ladders while doing this step.

    I did have a problem however, the next day when it warmed up, I heard a bang and rattle and the awning had lost tension. I took it apart and found the iron gromet they use to hold the spring had let go. I called Carefree and they sent me a new assembly at no charge, and paid shipping. I installed it and it lasted about 6 months and also let go. I took it apart and drilled a hole thru the gromet and rod and installed a bolt and locking nut. Reinstalled and adjusted it and it is still working just fine. I don't understand why they don't have a fix or maybe they do by now.

    Seems like back then the local RV Repair shop wanted about $800 to do the install. It only took us about an hour to put the whole thing up and have it in use and it was the first time we had ever done one. We did use the existing top slide rail so that saved a lot of time and effort. I just used a screw driver and opened the crimp so I could slide in the cloth with the rubber rod inside thru the slide rail.

    Seal all the bolt holes with RTV also so you don't get any moisture into your walls.

    Good luck with it.

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