Awning on Coleman Popup: HELP!!!

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by bradelbein, Jun 26, 2009.

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    I just bought a used Coleman Sea Pine Popup. I've figured out all of the systems (I think) except one. How the heck do you put up the awning? The awning is supported by a hollow rectangular shaped bar that runs horizontally parallel to the trailer; there are two folding legs that fit in the hollow bar at the end of the awning that are too short to hold the awning up; then there are three longer poles that fit into holes in the rectangual bar. I've tried every possible combination to erect this thing, except the right one. There are no instructions in the instruction manual, on the Coleman site, or on the internet. Can someone help?
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    Re: Awning on Coleman Popup: HELP!!!

    This is really a guess as I have seen this awning but never paid attention. By my bad memory, the two shorter pole go between the the rectangular bar and the trailer and the three longer poles go from the rectangular part and the ground and you need three tie down ropes to hold it out.

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    Re: Awning on Coleman Popup: HELP!!!

    Might the short bars be intended to stiffen the awning by fitting between the outer, "rectangular shaped bar" and the side of the RV? That would leave the "three longer poles" to support the rectangular bar at the outer edge? All of the pop-up awnings that I have seen set up, use legs much as a dining fly on the outside edge with the pop-up supplying the support for the other side. They normally also have guy ropes from at least the two outside corners.

    Our pop-up didn't have an awning back when we had one, but I have seen many of them set up and that seems to be what I remember having seen. I hope that this at least gives you some ideas.

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