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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by kevinfromwebb, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. kevinfromwebb

    kevinfromwebb New Member

    Hello All... I got a small tear in my awning on my last camping trip. It's just an inch or two long. Is there any easy way to repair it.

    Thanks, Kevin
  2. bldrbob

    bldrbob New Member

    Awning Repair...

    I used sail repair tape on a 6" edge tear 3 years ago.I got it at West Marine.I think I first pulled the tear together with a loose stitch.
  3. Grandview Trailer Sa

    Grandview Trailer Sa Senior Member

    Awning Repair...

    There is awning repair tape on the market made by Camco I think. We sell several rolls a season. It is clear and put it on each side. For the tear you are talking about it would work great.
  4. John Harrelson

    John Harrelson New Member

    Awning Repair...

    Let me guess... the tear is right up against the trailer, where the awning edge slides into the split rail....

    I say this because the two or three rips I have seen were all at that location..
    Seem that the rips are never in the middle where it is easy to work on.. Darn It !

    The one rip I personally had was also close to the rail, but I was lucky that it tore about 2 inches out from the rail and I was able to sew it back together with some waxed sail twine..

    The next year I replaced the awning. The old one was 5 years old and sun rotted..

    good luck,

  5. USMC

    USMC Member

    Awning Repair...

    John that is exactly what I did also, my rip was right under the gutter where it attaches on the end the manafacturer had a screw in the end to give it support which I removed first, and I was able to pull the awning out of where it was connected and I sewed it back togeather with a wax thread,then I took a very small drill bit and drilled some small holes in the bottom of the gutter,I was able to tamp it back in with a blunt piece of wood and then I sewed it again using the holes in the gutter to give it more support knot tying it each time I made a loop through the gutter, then I cut apiece of that clear awning tape and put over it, once I got that finished I took some some awning and tent spray waterproofing and sprayed it all and after I got my awning all washed real good I sprayed the whole awning with the water proofing top and bottom.
    It seems as it will hold just fine. Later Jim
  6. kevinfromwebb

    kevinfromwebb New Member

    Awning Repair...

    Thanks for the help. I'll look for the tape at my local RV shop... Nope, it's not on the edge. I've only used the awning a couple of times and when I was rolling it up this last time someway I got the pull down strap in crooked and it was going to disappear when I finished rolling it up. I put the small rip in it with the pull down hanger trying to get it back down...


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