B T CRUSIER by gulf stream

Discussion in 'Class C Motorhomes' started by bigjim, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. bigjim

    bigjim New Member

    how well are they built? we want a24ft with twin beds in rear,and prefer chev new or near new.thanks
  2. Grandview Trailer Sa

    Grandview Trailer Sa Senior Member

    Re: B T CRUSIER by gulf stream

    I have not sold one yet, they will probably be how I get into Motorhomes, if that happens. I do know Gulf Stream sells LOTS of them. There is a guy who has one locally and is happy. We have had to do just a couple of small repairs to it.
  3. TexasClodhopper

    TexasClodhopper Senior Member

    Re: B T CRUSIER by gulf stream

    There must not be much profit in them.

    I went to "the largest Class B seller" in Louisiana a few years ago to look. Couldn't even get them to come out of the office and show me. They just let me walk around the lot.

    I did and walked off the lot, too.

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