Ball hitch for fifth wheels

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by pipelineextreme, Mar 12, 2010.

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    I have just purchased a new pick up to pull my 06 Keystone Cambridge. I would like some input on these ball hitches. Some friends of mine have them but they are not pulling as big a trailer as this. Also I have a moyer ride on the trailer. Will it have any effect on that. Any advice anyone can give me would much appreciated.
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    Re: Ball hitch for fifth wheels

    Hello and welcome.
    In my opinion, you need to stick to the 5th wheel hitch, especially with MorRyde. The pull point with a Gooseneck adapter is 12 or 15" DOWN and I don't believe the MorRyde will work properly.

    I would also say use a 5th wheel hitch without the MorRyde. The stresses on the frame is changed from the way it was designed with the lower pull point. That adapter will VOID the frame warranty on a new trailer. I understand that is not your case, but frame and sidewall cracks have been blamed on adapters.

    It is also a HECK of a lot easier to hitch with the 5th wheel setup. With the Gooseneck Ball, you have to raise the trailer up and over the ball, and centered under the coupler when hitching up. The 5th wheel will self center to a point and you don't have to raise the trailer so high.

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