Basement Insulation

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  1. cougarkid

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    Re: Basement Insulation


    I got the front staorage insulated - now all the basement storage is full of insulation.
    Skirting on the back and 3/4 of the way down the right side - left side next to the warehouse.
    1/2" blue foam on inside of windshield, front side windows and across the back wall (head of the bead).
    Heat tape on the water pipes in the dump box - and a spotlight shining on the pipes.

    Temp last night was down to -2 with 10 mph wind making the wind chill -14! Brrrrrrr.
    Temps this week to be in the teens to single digits during the day and single digits at night.

    No frozen pipes and the temp in the RV held at 70 degrees. Winterizing is working well.

    Even got a nice, hot shower in this morning!

  2. Triple E

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    Re: Basement Insulation

    All right! Sounds like things are starting to look up. :)

  3. utmtman

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    Re: Basement Insulation

    We have had temps down to ten below here where I am at and it is the coldest and snowiest winter in this citys history which can be dated back to the late 1800's. I have also added a drop light with 60 watt bulb under the rv. I wanted to add a 100 watt heavy duty bulb but the warning with the light said not to use over 75 watt. Could not find anything between 60 and 100. Anyway we are comfy. And some of the snow in the front and left side got a little piled up when I dug my walk way to the sewer drains. I told the wife never again next year we go south or we sell the rv. LOL this cold has been a problem with frozen locks, low water pressure, frozen pipes inside the rv not outside.
    We had our home here and for the entire time we lived here we never had more snow than what might melt by the next day. They say that each winter over the last three years I was rving south got more and more snow. I did not believe half of what others told me, I am a believer now.
    In all them many years we lived here we never owned a snow shovel but I do now. So much for global warming.
  4. LEN

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    Re: Basement Insulation

    Ready, set, here it comes again cold colder coldest the whole mid country colder than then last 25 years I was hearing this morning. OK GORE movie time again, how about the untold cold as a title. Hunker down guys and get a couple xtra blankets and xtra heat.
    I'm all but packed the 4-runner is on the trailer and the rig is kinda washed(quick and dirty till I get warm). I-5 south tomorrow morning. Three easy drive days to maybe 70 degrees and the beach sand, well the desert sand anyway.

  5. cougarkid

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    Re: Basement Insulation

    Yes, it is cold here in the mid-west.

    Temp was at about 19 yesterday afternoon when the snow started. Wind picked up and it snowed all night. End ed up with 5" on the ground and the temp dropped to 8 this morning. Not supposed to go any higher than 12 today and the wind in in the 20 mph range all day. -20 to -30 wind chills expected.


    I did get out early last night, during the snow, and added skirting up to the the front and across the front of the RV. One more piece of plywood, split in half, and screwed into place. Now on the 3 side exposed the wind.

    We are plugged in for shore power, but water and sewer are being self contained. Just doing a dump (via tote) once a week. Pipes are doing well. The heat tape and the flood light in the dump bay are keeping the cold away. Rear propane furnace (front not working) an a space heater up front. One kitchen base cabinet door off for heat to pipes and under sink door in bath off, too.

    Temps inside the RV are great - the basement full of insulation is DEFINATELY doing it's job.

    I knew this RV living thing would work!

  6. Triple E

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    Re: Basement Insulation

    Len, You guys have a safe trip. Take your time and enjoy. Best of all you will be warm. :)


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