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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by mgecan2001, May 25, 2011.

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    I'd posted here earlier about a suitable vehicle for towing and have gone past that hurdle. Traded my 06 Tacoma for a 2010 F-250, 4x4 w/V-10. The Ford should easily handle anything in the 32ft. and under catagory (really could not afford the extra 4+K for a similiar truck w/diesel). Had to jump on the truck when it was available so, in this case, the horse came before the cart. Next question is 5th-wheel or TT? Pros/cons of each? Ease of towing?
    I'm single, no pets and a larger size person (6'5", 250lbs) so I need enough space (living and storage) so as not to feel cramped if heading out for a month or more. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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    RE: Basic ?s

    I think this is definitely a personal choice. I can share what I have noticed with our 5th wheels. Generally you will have more "space" with a 5th wheel including a storage basement. Overall towing length is less as part of the 5th wheel is over the bed of the truck. I don'tbelieve there is potential for"sway" issues with 5th wheels. No need of a WD hitch etc.Towing a5th wheelseems to be very comfortable for me.

    Best Wishes!

    HERE is a link to another forum which addresses the same question of 5th vs TT.
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    Re: Basic ?s

    Mike, the best advice I can offer is go to several RV dealerships and walk thru both travel trailers and 5er's and find something you like. Like Steve said, it is a personal choice and with your tow vehicle you shouldn't have any problems towing either one.

    Good luck with your shopping and let us know what you pick. :) :) You didn't list a location in your profile, but if you are anywhere near Virginia, check with Ken at Grandview Trailer Sales. He will give you good advice and a good deal on anything you decide to buy. :) :)
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    Re: Basic ?s

    Thanks to all for the solid advice. 5er's, to me anyway, have always seemed like the best bang for the buck. To Jim, I live in central Illinois but spend my off time in either northern WI, Montana or AZ.

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