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    There are a lot of things that you can get to accessorize your bathrooms. Things that would not just serve as aesthetic items to this room but will also make your stay comfortable. Bathroom accessories range from the hooks you use to hang your clothes, to the toothbrush holder up to the soap dish. There are also several bathroom supplies that you can choose from. There’s the shower head, the bathroom basin, the bath tubs and a whole lot more of that come in different forms and styles. Investing on these stuffs is a wise deal especially for those who enjoy quiet moments by themselves. Not only will these accessories be a pleasant scene to the eyes but they also add ease and comfortableness to your room.bathroom-accessories
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    maybe Cindy can band this one
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    OH BOY.:mad:BIG BILKO>
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    Ok thats it, all spammers must pass a grammar and spelling class before they can abuse this site. I mean really...."Investing on these stuffs is a wise deal".....Seriously?? Just makes me want to run out and buy a few.
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    Hey Jim, long time since we heard from you. I hope all is well in Texas, other than dry and hot. Well anyway you still have time to load up the Georgie Boy and head to Walland Tn for our little get to gether.I know it would be nice to meet you.
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    Hollis I feel the same way but I lost my job in July after 30 years with a phone company that starts with a V. Seems they wanted a younger and cheaper work force. I'm pounding the pavement though so if things turn around I would really like to meet you and the rest of the forum folks.
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    26 years with "V". Retired/laid off in 2006.
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    Hi Jim, glad to see you back on, missed you, sorry to hear about the job, they just do not want experienced help, just low wages, more money for them and less customer service for us

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