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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by dadshotrod, Feb 11, 2011.

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    My wife & I just bought ourselves a 2002 Monaco Diplamat 40FT Diesel. As we are fairly new to this we have a few ???? for all you Expert RV-ERS out there!! 1. What is the best type of battery set-up?? Our unit has 2-12volt lead acid batteries for the Chassis & 1-8D battery lead acid for the coach. We are wondering if this is sufficient. We don't plan on doing a lot of dry camping but we like the capacity just in case!!
    Tires We are needing to buy 4 new tires. We currently have 2 good GOODYEARS on the rear! Any tips or recommendations??? Brands, durability, ride ???
    We are wondering what is the best products for cleaning the outside of the coach, tires & awnings. The siding is fiberglass with a clearcoat. Does it still need to be waxed & if so how often??
    We would welcome any hints, tips, & advice on these items & anything else that you would help us from your experiances!! THANKS FOR LOOKING BOB
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    Re: Batteries,Tires & Cleaning

    WOW Congrats on the rv Bob. Check all the tires date. Replace if they are 7yr old regardless of tread. GY are ok by me but Michelin are a favorite with some. Just make sure they are rv tires when replacing. The 2 12 volts should be ok but if they have never been replaced they may be due. I personally like the 6 volts. Are you sure it does not have 2 6 volt batt? I just have always used a good auto wash solution to wash with and like the Mothers wax. Is you roof rubber or fiberglass? you do need to ck the roof good for sealing. Do it now. Just be sure to keep the filters clean and serviced. Good luck and enjoy and if you ever blow by our old slow moving gasser HR towing a tracker give a wave. :laugh:
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    RE: Batteries,Tires & Cleaning

    Welcome Bob.
    Check the Goodyear tires you have, and if they are the g-159 they were not made for the motorhome use, they are a in-town delivery tire. Use a auto wash product not dish soap. It will remove any wax. I use 4 trogan 6 volt batterys for my coach use, with 2-130 watt solars with the solar boost by big-sky 2000 it has the equalization function built in. Read the manuals if you plan on doing your own filter changes (ie genset fuel filter diesel, lift up on the stop button to prime befor starting). Cummins engine fuel filter - do not fill before installing before starting, turn key on for about 30 seconds to allow self prime then try starting . Bob what kind of hot-rod do you have? If your at Hot August nights were at GSR site 415 every year Dave.
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    Re: Batteries,Tires & Cleaning

    Bob - do like Nash said and check the date of manufacture on the tires. Anything over 7 years old should be replaced regardless of wear due to ozone caused dry rot. As for cleaning your fiberglass rv, any good car wash product should do fine. Just be careful with the pressure washer around any joints so you don't damage the caulking. If your roof is fiberglass, you can use the same product on it. If it is a rubber membrane, you will need to use something else. A lot of the folks here on the forum recommend Spic and Span. I haven't tried it, yet, but need to due to being parked under an oak tree. :angry: :angry: :angry:

    I changed out my one 12 volt coach battery for two 6 volts wired in series because I wanted the extra capacity. I didn't go with the solar panels like nifty9, but I do run the generator when camped to keep the Boss Lady supplied with oxygen. Don't want her turning blue and keeling over on me. :laugh: :laugh:

    Good luck with your new rv and post back to let us know how it goes.
    :) :) :)
  5. Triple E

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    Re: Batteries,Tires & Cleaning

    I have read some good reports on the Yokohama tires. Very good wear and no complaints on the ride. A lot cheaper also.
  6. LEN

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    Re: Batteries,Tires & Cleaning

    Welcome, I too am in the market for tires. Michelin, and Toyo are on my list, price is many $$$$. Batteries I run 4 Trojan T-105's, just replaced this week for $500, for the house and dry camp a week or so no problem running the gen a couple hours in the morning during shower cooking time and the same in the evening cooking and tv time plus have a 100 watt solar that keeps the batteries up if we use little power. The start batteries are fine you should have the 2 12volts. As to wash I use car wash like Turtle or ICE, and it should be waxed 1-2 times a year.

    Good luck

  7. H2H1

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    Re: Batteries,Tires & Cleaning

    I REPLACED THE TIRES ON MINE WITH GY 670. why? well that was what was on it when I bought the MH and had good service from them and I just went back with them. Still no problem. I do believe the longevity is the way you maintain them. Like keeping them cover from the sun at all time when not in use and a good coat of protectant. :laugh: :laugh:

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