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    Is it the MH engine that charges the batteries in a motor home? My batteries were allowed to run down, but keeping them plugged in didn't seem to charge them all the way. Also, the generator will only start when the MH engine is running.
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    RE: Batteries ...

    When I plug in my mh it does not keep the motor battery charged, but it does trickle charge the house battery.
    I keep 2 battery chargers handy. I also have two tiny generators, (950 watts) that I keep just for charging batteries.
    I have been fulltiming fo18 years years now. I have bought 4 solar panels, I hope to hook up this summer.
    Good luck .
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    Re: Batteries ...

    Your coach/house batteries are charged by the same converter that runs your inside 12 volt lamps and appliances. Sometimes the engine charging system will be routed to charge them also.

    Generally, your generator will be using the coach/house batteries to start, but there is that path to the engine battery. So, your symptoms indicate that you are starting your generator by this extra path and that is the hard way; could even cause problems. (I would check for some overheated wiring.)

    Specifically, your symptoms indicate that your coach/house batteries have gone to the happy hunting ground in the sky. They'll need replacing if they've been that way for more than a few days.

    Also, definitely get that converter checked out. That may have been the original reason the batteries died.
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    Re: Batteries ...

    Check the Inverter/Converter for a reset switch or a tripped breaker or fuses in the panel and battery disconnect switch. Another thought the batteries are 4 years old they may not be taking a charge or just a surface charge. If no joy RV tech time.


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