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    We have purchased a 40' Newmar Dutch Star, and have not yet had a chance to fully check everything out. However, the batteries seem to run down in only a couple of days even though we cannot find anything left on and the factory battery disconnect has been pushed. We've been told that there is a manual disconnect switch that can be installed at the batteries, which works better. Any suggestions?

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    Batt. Disconnect

    You can install a disconnect switch between battery bank and house, but if still want your batteries to except a charge from your converter then the battery disconnect switch must be on. Check the dates of your house batteries If they have been maintained your should get 3-5 years from them. If good maintenance maintenance was not performed then I've heard of batteries last 1-2 years. Batteries must discharge under 75% and never under 50%
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    Thanks, we had intended to use a trickle charger to keep the main engine batteries charged, but it appears there is a drain somewhere. We will have to get a tech to troubleshoot the system if the batteries test ok.
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    Will your batteries hold a 12.6 volt charge when disconnected for a while? Give them a good charge, unhook, if able to have them unhook. wait a day or two then check the voltage. If they are at 12.6 or above you have good batteries.

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