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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by tcpc2930, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. tcpc2930

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    We are new to RVing and I can't figure out the battery disconnect. My manual says to switch to the "store" position if I plug in to shore power but then the lights all go out. Do I really need to worry about over charging the batteries and if, so what am I doing wrong?
  2. C Nash

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    What year and type rv do you have? Most later models have built in features that will monitor the battery and keep it from overcharging. You need to ck the water level once a month in the battery if its pluged into shore power. Mine is pluged into shore power all the time with batteries switch on and never had a problem. May add a little water once a year. Always add distelled water. When in doubt do as the owners manual says. Welcome to the forum
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i agree with what nash said on cking the batts and such ,, but one other thing ,, if u switch the battery switch to "store " u will not have any 12 volt power ,, even though u should when plugged in ,, the store thingy is only when u are gonna store it ,, and it will not let the batts run down due to draws in the system , but one thing that u said kinda bothers me ,, and that is the fact that u said " the lights go out when plugged in" ,, this should not be ,, the converter will run all 12v and 120v stuff when plugged in ,, even if the disconnect is off ,, it will not charge the batts ,, but other stuff "should work " i hate to be a buzz killer ,, but the way i take it ,, is that ur converter is going bad ,, or is bad ,, not for sure ,, JMO ,, but sure looks that way,, but one other thing ,, how old are the batts ,, and have u cked them with a hydrometer (that is the best way to ck batt status ,, imo ) ,, but u should still have power when plugged in ,, the converter will provide that :)
  4. wildcatervin

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    My RV has a switch that says use/store.If I put it on store nothing will work,so mine must be on use whenever I am going to use the RV.,slideouts,lights,waterpump ect.
  5. LEN

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    I don't think yours is any different than most all RV's out there. Either your using the RV and it's systems or you are in store mode so only the 1120 volt systems work IF you are hooked up to the 120 power. The batteries will charge if hooked to 120 but inn the dtore mode will not supply power(12 volt) to the coach.

  6. H2H1

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    I don't ever put mine in stored mode. I keep mine plugged into a 120/30amp plug. I always have power to the refrigrator, (this is where I store my beer) and power to watch TV if I want. durring the winter I will go out and sit and read a book,, sure is quite then, or watch TV. If I can't enjoy it in the winter camping, I still can enjoy it sitting in my drive way
  7. vanole

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    Dang Hollis now you did it telling the hooligans and thiefs where you store your cache of suds...

  8. H2H1

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    even then they will need to get by the guns, now if they do, they CAN have it all, as long as they do not mess up the inside of the MH.

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