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  1. kt_maz

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    We just got a 91 Hitchhiker II. We got a new battery in December but now it is dead. Can we jump start it? What do we do?

    Also, when we stop by the side of the road and run just off the battery, the electricity only turns on the lights in half the RV. When we plug in at night, it doesn't seem to charge all the way.

  2. Triple E

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    Re: Battery?

    Welcome to the forum Katie. The dead battery is it in your tow vehicle? If yes, yes you can jump start it. If it is your trailer battery you will only have power while you are connected to the battery that you are connecting to. Your lights, in your Fifth Wheel, are 12 VDC and 120 VAC. So when you are on battery power only your 12 VDC system (lights) will work. When you connect to Shore Power, 120VAC, both your 120V and, if the batteries are charged, 12V systems will work. Now, if you have a Converter, this will convert 120VAC to 12VDC to run your 12 volt system as well as put a small charge to your trailer batteries.

    When you say while stopped by the side of the road and just run off the battery, our you talking the tow vehicle battery or your trailer battery? You should have at least two batteries in you trailer and they should be getting a charge from you tow vehicle while you are driving.

    In the morning when the Southern boys wake up, I am sure you will be getting a better answer. Good luck

    If you have a generator, it should also charge your batteries. I hope I answered your question. I am up long after my bed time. :laugh:

    :8ball: :8ball:
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    Re: Battery?

    Katie, dont fully understand your problem. When you plug into shore power it should charge your battery if your converter is working. It will take awhile if your battery is dead. have you cked the water in the battery? It may charge or may not from your tow vehicle while on the road. May not be wired to charge. Do you have a voltage meter? Check the voltage on the battery when pluged to shore power. It shoud be around 13 v if converter is working. Should be around the same with tow vehickle running if wired to chg from the tow. If you are talking about jumping the tow vehickle to start , yes you can. The rv battery can also be charged with a electric charger. Need more info. Good luck and welcome to the forum. Keep us posted
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    Re: Battery?

    we have a 94 hornet and are have trouble with the battery. i would like to know i can find them on the vehicle so i can look at them and check them.

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