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  1. beachboy

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    RE: BE Aware

    My rig is over ten years old and I haven't been turned away at the gate from any campground yet.
    I have found the ten year rule in in the literature from several places I have stayed at. I think the rule is there to be used when and if necessary. I tend to be an optimist so will keep trudging on and hope for the best.

    98 Beaver Monterey 36 ft.
  2. hamdave

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    Re: BE Aware

    Mine is 15 years old and it looks a lot better than some only 4-5 years old. On the inside I am way ahead, no smelly pets of ANY kind. Besides it is paid for and there are plenty of campgrounds where my money is good !!

  3. Darwin

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    RE: BE Aware

    I have been in campgrounds that has old RV's in sites that were in such poor condition that they could not move and some that leaked raw sewage. I also camped for years in a motorhome that was over 10 years old in in perfect condition, so I see both side of the issue. I agree that campground owners should have to right to refuse entrance to certain RV's that other campers would not want to park near.

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