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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by markenpay, Oct 8, 2011.

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    We purchased a new refrigerator at Camping World/ R&C RV Center in Longmont ,Colorado. I ordered this refer during the Summer for installation in early October. The cost of the refer unit was a little over $1400 and installation was to be $250 however when they got the refer out and on the floor the tech the tech said the refer would not fit through the door and wood take 2.5 hours $322.00 to remove and replace the window plus the refer they ordered had the handles on the wrong side and would take .5 hours $64.50 to change to the proper side. All told I was charged for 5.5 hours @ $129 per hour and the total job took 3 hours. I spoke with several people in high positions with Camping World and R&C RV Center and finaly got to the bottom of this overcharge..These companies do not charge by the hour but by the job and the techs are encouraged to hurry as fast as possible to finish the job under the hours quotaed the customer so they are able to make more money out of the job and the company might make more money also. I spoke with a service writer at the factory on our fifth wheel and he told me the refer would fit through the door of our unit. So here I am out almost $400.00 for problems which were maybe not problems at all.. I was very dumb to have taken my rig to this place or any Camping World or R&C RV Center and should have done more checking around. They did a good job on the installation just I got ripped off for a extra $400.00 with no recourse. So beware when you shop at these places and be prepared to pay through the nose. This is to help you become a wiser shopper and help you as I wish someone would have helped me.
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    Dang, so sorry to hear that. I don't trade with them on any level because what you have said. I heard right off thet bat how they will jack up the hours they charge and the work will a lot less. I deal with Ken Hurt in Bedford VA. he and his wife own and operate Grandview Trailer Sales. I have found him to be very honest and most of all very reasonable on all his prices.
  3. markenpay

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    Thanks for the advice ,if I need help on the East Coast I will give them a call.
  4. markenpay

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    Still waiting for a reply from them.
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    Markenpay, it really won't help your cause to keep bustin' them here. It won't hurt their business, either. If you feel like you got ripped, there are serious ways to rectify that situation. Just trying to help.
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    What do you have as a better idea?? In this world it is you against them and I'm trying to help people make a better choice on where to have their RV repaired sort of like you letting people know about your fuel mileage on your RV. IF people do not take a person advice at least you tried. Better to try and fail than not try at all
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    Try Good Sam's Action Line.

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