Beautiful Cadillac Michigan

Discussion in 'Destinations' started by MiGirl, Mar 8, 2011.

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    Cadillac Michigan is a beautiful place to camp. Great state park, plus private campgrounds as well. Lake Cadillac and Lake Mitchell are great for swimming as well as fishing. Lots of places to eat right on the water. Plenty of markets and RV dealers close for supplies. I would highly recomend this area of Michigan. :laugh:
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    RE: Beautiful Cadillac Michigan

    The Cadillac" of Northwest-Lower Michigan, and one of Michigan's favorite year-round vacation destination areas. During fall, winter, spring, or summer, Cadillac is the perfect choice for a family-fun vacation, week-end vacation getaway, special event, meeting, retreat, or reunion.
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    Advertisement? :question:
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    Re: Beautiful Cadillac Michigan

    I say yes, it is...

    You're getting good at this Ken. :)
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    Re: Beautiful Cadillac Michigan

    it is beyond me why the moderator is allowing these freeloader to advertise on here. I think they should send them a bill for it, or delete them.JMHO

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