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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by kamprod1, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. kamprod1

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    hi there,

    i have 1991 beaver marquis and the overhead monitor panel rarely works anymore. i have taken it to 3 mechanic s and nobody can id the problem. has anyone had any issue? one wrench said to buy a new panel. any idea where to find one? i love this coach and seem to have most of the bugs worked out but dying without the monitor panel. can anybody help me?


  2. beaver123456

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    Re: beaver marquis monitor panel

    i have one too it soundss like a bad switch in the panel try to replace the on off for the panel, and also look for thr ground wires check it with a meter where are you located ??? :cool:
    when mine get home i will look and try to help ya
    you could give me a call i would be glad to help ya out
  3. kamprod1

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    Re: beaver marquis monitor panel

    im in palm springs california. i appreciate the response. this one doesnt have rocker switches, its the smooth surface...can i still replace the switch? i think its all integrated....
  4. Kirk

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    Re: beaver marquis monitor panel

    If your panel has the plastic surface with flexible places to push the switches, it is possible that a switch could be replaced but you will need good soldering skills. You could also have difficulty finding the proper switch assembly. Most of those switches are a leaf type and are quite small.

    Before you start throwing parts at this, it would be wiser to get a good meter and do some trouble shooting. Trace to see where you have power and where you do not. Have you checked to be sure that there is no fuse built into the panel? If the entire panel works at times and nothing at others, I would look for a problem in the connections, or in the foil path for power or for the chassis ground. Intermittent problems are the most difficult for even experienced technicians. Before I retired, that was the kind of thing that we most disliked.

    Have you checked to see if the panel has a good power supply and a good solid ground? Are there times when part of the indications work while others do not? If so, what seems to work or fail together? What tests have you run so far?

    Very likely you will not find the same panel available new today, as was used 17 years ago. But you may be able to find one that will work if you have the skills to connect it properly, because most of the indications use pretty much the same kinds of sensors. It could require some modification of the existing wire harness.

    Another idea is to do an internet search with the manufacturer's name for your panel. If they are still building panels, they can probably supply one that would work and they could tell you what you need to do in order to use the new one. But this might require more than amateur level skills.
  5. minnie

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    RE: beaver marquis monitor panel

    i just saw your post, we have a 91 marquis with the monitor panel, i had some problems with ours. i took the center panel out to see if there was any thing i could fix...ha ha. however i found the manufactures name and looked it up on the internet and got the number and called. i talked to a fellow named brian, he's almost impossible to catch, but the effort is worth it, he is the guy that actually designed and built them. the name is javelnia corp. 972-377-9807 the guy is very helpfull, although realize he's working on "bigger and better things" and will try to encourage you to send the parts to them and they will fix them. when i talked to him last spring sometime, he said the had all three panels and computer and everything new for onlh $7,500, he still has the one he tried to sell me. if there is anything else i can help you with, please ask. mike
  6. TexasClodhopper

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    Re: beaver marquis monitor panel

    ONLY $7,500 :question:

    This is what happens when manufacturers outsource their "small" assemblies. They give the order to the most capable at the time, but that subcontractor may not get any more work in the RV business and move on to "bigger and better things."

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