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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by C Nash, Dec 12, 2002.

  1. C Nash

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    Got a call today from a person that said he represented the company that made the Bergman, probably not spelled right, connector. He wanted to know if a lawyer from calfornia had contacted me about the plugs coming out. I told him i had not been contacted by anyone and the only place I had ever even discussed it was on this forum and I had stated that I had never had any kind of problem. He also wanted to know how many miles I had towed with the fifth wheel so apparently this is the only ones giving problems. Still see no way they could come out if you make sure they are pluged in correctly and the spring is ok on the lip that locks the flap to the plug. Think a lot of the responsibility falls on us. Tired of everything having to be written out on ever little detail that common sense tells us. I know that a suv will turn over. Dont have to read the sunvisor. Know that a 4 wheeler can flip. Don't have to read the lable on the tank. HMMM, wonder if these computers are increasing my blood pressure, Maybe they better put a warning! Has anyone else received this call? I do remember saying if this was a problem I was sure some lawyer would like to get on it. Guess they read these forums. When will I learn to keep my mouth uh, fingers shut. Plug the darn thing ALL the way in be sure the latch is in place and your trailer pig tail is long enough and if still in doubt WELD IT!! Now I am going out to the new MH that we can't use yet, plug in a travel video in the dvd, hope it don't fall out, crank the motor and make believe we are on the road again. :cool: :cool: :cool:
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    bergman connector

    Hi Chelse, I haven't heard from Bargman, and I was on the same forum/topic, or anyone else for that matter, maybe because I have a MH know. I agree with all the way, plug it in and double check it! That it easy your retired not suppose to get stressed up any more :dead: :laugh: Happy holidays GB :blush: :) :cool: :approve:
  3. thumbs

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    bergman connector

    Hi Chelse

    Yeah I have had that problem. Now to he honest I havn't used the 5th that much but I had the plug fall out severial times. In fact I have gotten into the habbit of touching the breaks or putting on my lights once in a while to insure it's still hooked up. Again I am new to this fifth wheel stuff but not to camping. I then started to really push the plug in and push the cover down on the plug to make sure it was latched. I think the problem may have been it was new and not broken in yet to take a seat. Anyway is seems to be working well now. Sure glad it happened when I noticed it before it created a problem.

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