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Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by sawwood, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. sawwood

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    having moved up to a 40 footer, and no longer able to use the Saw Mill Pkwy, for instance, I was wondering about a GPS fpecifically for big rigs/trucks. Reviews on Amazon are not encouraging. Any suggestions? :question:
  2. LEN

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    Re: best big rig GPS

    Garmin 465T only one I know that has the truck routing by keying in the weight height width length and will route by these parameters. About $400 There are others(software to put on your computer) but mounting the laptop up front was not a choice I wanted.

  3. vanole

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    Re: best big rig GPS

    Besides the one Len has mentioned here is one that offers many options built specifically for trucks and buses but not sure of the Maps loaded on this one.

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  4. ldabel

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    RE: best big rig GPS

    Welcome to the forum. I bought a 465T by Garmin last fall and it has been a nice addition to my 38 ft motorhome. It takes me thru truck routes and has decreased my travel time on several trips. Also input on width, height and weight is important because it keeps you away from those areas you dont need to be in with a big rig. Well worth the $450 i paid for it.
  5. rsssc

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    Re: best big rig GPS

    I have a Garmin Street Pilot 7200, 7 in screen tells me the proper lane to be in and when to turn, But still will take me on a route out of the way, maybe 15% of the time but the destination is always right. $350 on the net Good luck. RB

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