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    Since our travel trailer will be used every weekend in the winter as well.... what is the best heat tape to use? I will install some on my water line to the trailer and I am guessing I should place a strip on the Black and Gray tanks? Is this enough for each? We will be skirting the trailer and placing several light bulbs underneath the trailer and I am assuming we should place them near the black and gray tanks as well or should we space them out the distance of the trailer equally? This is going to be our first attempt at using the trailer in the winter with Water and Plumbing and we want to make sure we cover as many issues as we possibly can. I'm considering using a compressor to blow out the water lines after each weekend visit in the winter to be extra safe. I can empty the GRAY easily after each visit.... but the black would be a different story as it is only 2 of us and the visits in the winter will only be for a weekend. Maybe it is best we only use the toilet for urine instead of solid waste in the winter?

    Sorry for the lengthy message but I know this group has the best feedback and guidance.

    Kevin & Suzie
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    RE: Best Heat Tape

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    RE: Best Heat Tape

    Thanks for the info Triple E and yes..... we will leave the trailer heat on low when away.

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