Best towing speed?

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by hertig, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. the_vfox

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    Best towing speed?

    We tow at 60, get 10 to 14 depending on wind terrain etc. My D/A holds that speed on all but the steepest of grades.

  2. hertig

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    Best towing speed?

    OK, here are the results so far. (Running at the speed limit, 70 and 75, I got 8.2 MPG). From Arizona to Texas, I ran with the cruize control set at 60 MPH, and Tow/Haul mode on (when I remembered :) and gas mileage averaged 9.8. From Texas to Illinois I ran at 55 MPH and averaged 10.2 MPG, a 25% increase, not too shabby.

    Also, being the 'slowest thing on the road' was much less stressful (on me at least :) ) Plus I almost never had to slow down for slower people, reduced speed zones or construction. And the rig seemed to go up hills more easily (haven't hit any really good ones yet, though).

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