Best trailer under 3500#

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Karl L, Aug 2, 2001.

  1. Karl L

    Karl L New Member

    I am not new to trailers, been doing it since I was a little boy. My last trailer was a 37' Terry pulled by a big Ford F350. Well the Terry is gone so is the F350. What I have now is a Chevy Venture with a 3500# cap. Since I never had to worry about weight with the Ford, what would you recommend for an under 3500# trailer to hold me, my wife and 3 small kids?


  2. Will Daniels

    Will Daniels New Member

    Best trailer under 3500#

    With all the stuff you need to carry for the kids,your best bet is probably a large pop-up to stay within your weight limits.Good Luck.
  3. Jolin

    Jolin New Member

    Best trailer under 3500#

    We have discovered that the Bantam Trail-Lite is about the same weight as the largest Coleman Pop-up.

    Good Luck!

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