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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Courtcop, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Courtcop

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    I am thinking of trading my 33' Everest for a 38' Bighorn. Going from 10500 lbs to 12400 lbs. I am concerned about my 08 F250 being enough truck for the new fiver. Hitch wt. 2500 lbs. GWVR 16000 lbs. Sales people say that the F250 will be plenty, I'm not sure. Need feedback. Thanks
  2. Steve H

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    RE: Bighorn BH3585RL

    JMHO but I think you will be happier with a 1-ton for a 5ver with a 16,000 GVWR. Our Big Country has about 18% of the GVWR on the pin. If that holds true with the Bighorn, you are looking at a pin weight in the 2800lb range. The truck willprobablypull it and stop it OK but more than likely the truck will be over it's GVWR.

    Visit the Heartland Owners Forum at more informatin from Bighorn owners.

    Best Wishes!
  3. H2H1

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    Re: Bighorn BH3585RL

    Steve give Ken at GRAND VIEW TRAILER SALES a PM, he sells the BigHorn and he will not tell you anything that not the truth.
  4. Steve H

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    Re: Bighorn BH3585RL

    Courtcop...I sent you a PM regarding Heartland products.
  5. Triple E

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    Re: Bighorn BH3585RL

    Follow your gut. How well did the F-250 do with your current unit. That is what, almost 20% gain. When you add all of the stuff you pack you could easily being looking at more than a 50-60% gain. I agree with Steve H. This would be extra hard on your cooling system, running gear and brakes.

    When a sales man tells me "No Problem", I run. Except for Ken. Then I listen. :approve:
  6. Poppa

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    Re: Bighorn BH3585RL

    Thers's another aspect of getting a 1 on dually is that it will hold the road better in windy conditions and also the safety factor of blowing a rear tire. While stepping up go for the 4x4 while your at it. It ain't necessary but sure nice to have.

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