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    I have a dodge 1500 and was wanting to place some type of bike rack in the bed so I can carry all 4 of bike's. Any idea's or pictures of a set up in the bed of a truck. I don't want to add a rack to the bumper of my TT.



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    Re: Bike racks

    The least obtrusive (when not in use), would be to mount 4 front wheel locks on the front wall of the bed. To mount a bike, take off the front wheel, put the fork over the front wheel lock, and tighten. Apparently they now have temporary mount ones. Here are some options: Car Racks

    I've also seen a hitch mount which mounts into the hitch tube and has a port for your trailer hitch on the other side. Not sure where you get them or what the impact on the towing is. At a minimum, would probably lower your maximum allowable pin weight.
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    Hello HZMTLT,

    I see that this thread is now a couple of years old. What solution did you end-up with?? We also have a Dodge 1500, and a similar problem -- except, we have 5 members in our family - and we love to bike as part of our camping trips. After trying a number of options, we eventually got the RempRack ( We love it! Maybe it will work for you. It's quite expensive though!!

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