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    I need some schooling on the proper care of the black tank. We "dumped" when we left the last park but I am never sure if we have completely emptied the tank. What is the proper procedure and how do you make sure the tank is completely empty and do you leave SOME water in it with the deodorizer - even in winter? I always dump the "body waste" tank first and then the other one after that. Is there anything more I need to know?
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    You should flood the tank every now and then, actually I do it after every trip. I want my tank CLEAN.... You can stick a garden hose down the toilet and fill the tank...flush...and do it again...till it all comes out clean. You can also use a back flow adapter that lets you fill the tank from the outside and then dump it. I do keep some water in the tank during the camping season, but do NOT keep water in it during the winter.

    Best thing you can use is RV toilet breaks down better than household paper...that is what you want...things to break down so it will flush out. Chemicals will keep the odor down, but also help break down solids...this is what you want!!
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    Thank you so much Ken. As soon as it warms up and stays warm, I will go out there with the garden hose and do exactly what you said to do - fill it up and flush it several times. Do I add some water and chemicals afterwards? What is the BEST chemical you can recommend?
  4. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    You dont need to add water or chemicals till you start using it. We sell what I like to use...but I will be darned if I can remember the name....I will try to look at it tomorrow.
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    I always completely flush my tank after every outing. You can use the garden hose to flush or use a long curved wand that can be purchased to use in the comode for cleaning or purchase an external flush connection that is a clear plastic adaptor you connect to the output of the black water tank fitting. You connect a hose to the adaptor and flush. The fitting being clear plastic allows you to see the color of the water coming out the pipe to the sewer connection. Afterwards, I always put a gallon or two of water in the tank and and chemicals. This keeps the odor down and the little bit of water in the tank can sloush around while you are driving to your next destination. As yet, I've never had a odor problem and I've been doing this procedure for the last 10 years.
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    I was told once to put any ice I have left after a trip and we're heading home. This will slosh around in there and clean everything off real good. What do you think of that idea?
  7. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    Ice works just fine, as long as you have a way to dump at home. We have used it to clean some trade ins tanks...
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    Thanks for this vale able feed back,
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