Black Water Tank odor help

Discussion in 'Towables' started by chevysabre, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. chevysabre

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    The people who owned my trailer never cleaned out the waste water tank after their last trip. needless to say i am really fighting to get the smell out of the tank. i was thinking of filling the tank with water then adding a gallon of bleach to it. i was wondering if this will work or will the bleach hurt my tank. all i know is the tank smells horrible no matter what i try. any suggestions??
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    Re: Black Water Tank odor help

    Fill it about half way and dump in tank deodorant and drive down the road sloshing it around. It worked for me in a used trailer. If that does not work, dump a bag of ice down the toilet and drive around.

    Good Luck
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    Re: Black Water Tank odor help

    Yes bleach and water will clean it just fine its what the dealerships do. The tanks are a chemical resistant plastic and let the tank sit for 2or 3 days all the way full to were the water is up in to the beginning if the toilet neck at the toilet flang and then drain and flush the tank about 3 times and do your gray tank and leave your slide valves open when you are done that will let the tanks air out better. Your friendly service manager
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    Re: Black Water Tank odor help

    Please don't put a GALLON of bleach into your black tank. A cup or two would do any killing job that you have in mind.

    But, you don't need to KILL anything. You just need to soften it up and rinse it all out.

    Like Ken implied; be patient. It's yours, so you don't want to screw up the sensors and valves by trying to hurry up the process.

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