Bosch Tankless H2O Heater

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  1. aztecaa

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    I have a Bosch Tankless H2O Heater and really want to install it!

    My setup is stationary and don't plan on moving the RV.
    I AM OFF THE GRID..................................................
    I am building the house around the RV and a huge garage with high ceilings with the RV inside.
    I have a very large water tank which goes to the 12 volt RV pump which a 5 gallon Pressure tank is tied into it. So far all works great.
    I had a friend over the other day and he said that where the RV water heater is, there are 2 openings to tie the Tankless H2o Heater into!
    One is the valve for draining and the other is towards the bottom left side behind the propane line. I would not have to remove my existing H2o Heater tank and just tie it in. I would buy valves that I could turn off if i wanted it to be back to original!
    Has anyone done this before and what is your advice regarding this!
    I have a Steel "H" Beam about 3-4' from the RV Heater Door! So that is where I would mount the Tankless heater and run the lines into the RV Heater door!
    Thanks Guys
  2. LEN

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    You will need to tie in on the ouput side of the existing tank with a valve to stop back flow into the tank. Any other input and you will be heating the hot water tank before you have hot water unless you are planning on a parallel instillation with the exiting hot water tank still working.

  3. aztecaa

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    By doing this, I will be able to eliminate turning on my RV water heater switch? So the water would still run through the RV water heater tank?

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  4. LEN

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    No the imput and output are on the inside of the RV. Those are the drain and popoff valve.


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