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    I have a 2008 Jayco Jayflight travel trailer, at first I thought I had problems with my brake controller but I tested the wires & they seemed fine. I set the brake controller using the directions & after moving the manual level all the way to the left the camper brakes come no where close to locking up, my adjuster is up as high as it can go. Could it be I might need to adjust my brakes or maybe my magnets are bad? Any suggestions on which scissor jack is the best, I need to buy a new one. Thank you.
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    Re: brakes

    Could be magnets or could be brake shoes. Have someone listen by the hubs while you actuate the brake controller. They should be able to hear a clank when the magnets engage the brake drums if they are okay. If the magnets engage, then it could be the shoes are worn or out of adjustment. You would have to pull the hubs and give them a visual inspection.

    Post back and let us know what you find. Good Luck. :) :)

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