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  1. sea side dreamer

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    trying out the brakes on the 5th w, pulled it out,
    seemed like the 5th w diding have any brakes at all,
    the truck did the stoping.
    have worked on the brake line, also
    on the brakes,
    dont know to much about brake box in the truck
    but the lights are all on and can see that it is
    hooked up. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN.
  2. hertig

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    Re: Brakes

    Usually trailers have electric brakes. Find out what kind (if any) you have on the trailer. If electric, first make sure that the battery is installed and charged. Then there is likely to be a 'disconnect' switch which connects to the truck via a cable and is supposed to stop the trailer if it becomes unhitched. Pull the cable so the pin comes out of the disconnect switch and see if the brakes lock up. If so, the problem is probably in the hookup to the brake controller in the truck. If not, then you will need to trouble shoot the system in the trailer.

    Don't leave the disconnect pin out too long, since this is a direct drain on the battery.

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