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Discussion in 'Towables' started by Shoshone, Apr 20, 2007.

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    We need some advice! We are retired teachers who spend about 6 months every year living in our Forest River Wildcat TT, mostly at Park Moabi on the Colorado River. As it happens, we recently adopted our 11-year-old grandson, and the trailer is not suitable for 3 people to live in with reasonable privacy. We'd appreciate recommendations for trailers with 2 bedrooms which can be towed by our '03 Dodge Ram Hemi 2500HD. Our priorities: master bedroom space; kitchen counter space; and interior storage space. We need to keep the truck with its camper shell, so we're looking at a max loaded trailer weight of about 7500 lbs.
    Any recommendations or suggestions before we head off to Southern Cal. to start shopping will be much appreciated.
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    Try this link .
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    We have a bunkhouse model because we also have our grandchildren! 6 yr. old triplets and a 7 year old. Had to go to a bunkhouse when we took the children. We love it. We are in the process of trading in an Outback because it has really been a dissapointment with the way it was put together, but we LOVE the bunkhouse. Hope this helps


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