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Discussion in 'Towables' started by bookseller, Jun 16, 2011.

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    We are going to be purchasing a used 5th wheel within the nexct year, sooner I hope. As I see it, the order in which I look at these things is:

    1. Carefully inspect the roof, and I intend to use a large magnifying glass.
    2. Look at the inside top of EVERY cabinet for any sign of a leak.
    3. Check the outside for any damage, corrosion or warping
    4. Close and open all slides at least 4 times to make sure they open smoothly
    5. Check any owner records available for past maintenance or problems.
    6. Open and close every cabinet door to check for allignment.
    7. Flush the toilet a few times.
    8. Check the systems inside and out several times and look for connection leaks.

    Am I missing or overlooking anything that might be important. We will be living in it full time and I am NOT mechanically inclined. I don't mean I am mechanically ignorant, just lazy.
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    RE: buying a 5th wheel


    HERE is a pretty comprehensive checklist you can use for the PDI. If you are new to RVing I strongly suggest you hire a professional tech or take an experienced RV friend along to help with the inspection. I have recently commented on this forum (must be a big time for buyers) about our used RV experience. I simply was not knowledgable enough to catch everything and it cost us a lot of grief and money.

    Best Wishes in your quest and we hope to see you "down the road"
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    Re: buying a 5th wheel

    9. Check out all appliances that they are working properly. Ignite burners/oven. Use Microwave, etc, etc, etc
    10. Check out A/C and heat.
    11. Check out condition off batteries.
    12. You should have the 5er plugged in and able to check everything out.
    13. Tires/wheel bearings

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