Buying a Diesel Pusher

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by Michguy, Oct 15, 2010.

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    We're going to buy a 36-40 Diesel Pusher this spring, and need some advice. I've been searching all over the internet for various coaches, and have pretty much narrowed our search to Tiffin, Newmar, some Fleetwood models, Monaco,and Holiday Rambler. Should I favor Dealerships over Private Parties or vice-versa? Are there any Dealers that are particularly favorable ? It looks as though the Houston area has a large number of Dealers. Are there other areas of the country where I should look ? Any thoughts regarding companies like "Best Pre-Owned RV's" or "PPL", or "Lazy Daze" ?
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    Re: Buying a Diesel Pusher

    Dealers normally charge more for their units but one has a better chance to hold their feet to the fire if something
    goes wrong. Also they can provider various other services. Private parties normally take alot less for the MH. Also
    their's a chance of obtaining records and talking to original owner. But you can't come back and sue them or whatever.
    Both the dealer and private party can lie to you.
    Fred from Pasco, Wa. good luck :)
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    Re: Buying a Diesel Pusher

    No matter who you buy from, have an oil analysis done on the engine and tranny. This can be done for less then $50.00 dollars. These are the most expensive items. Have the blood test done before you buy!!!!!
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    Re: Buying a Diesel Pusher

    Don't limit yourself to Houston, if you are in Texas you should check out New Braunfels, Seguin and up North there are several dealerships near Dallas, there is one in Alvarado Tx which I am not real sure where it is because we did not go that far but it seems to have really good deals and seems to have good ratings also. Of course we were looking at Class C's not diesel pushers. Good luck in your hunt for your RV. I know you will really enjoy it once you get it.

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