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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by krsmitty, Jan 18, 2012.

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    Hi all ,
    I saw a very good program the other day which explained what to look for when buying used. If I can find a link to it I shall post it.
  3. ejdixon

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    Just came across this article on how to buy an RV. Thought of posting the link here. Hopefully it'll help.
  4. hannafree

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    THANK you! I am looking into my first RV purchase, a Roadtrek 190, and I feel very in over my head. This is a daunting decision.
  5. akjimny

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    Hi Hanna and welcome to the RVUSA Forum. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please give us some more info - especially Year and Mileage. Buying a used motorhome is kinda like buying a used house - but with wheels. If you have any doubts, have a qualified RV technician look it over before you lay out the money. Post back with more info and we'll help you all we can.:):)
  6. hannafree

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    Thanks for the reply. I was hoping I could talk to someone(s) about this! Much appreciated!
    The one I'm looking at is a 1999 Roadtrek 190 Versatile with 44,000 miles. I like the low mileage, but it is being shipped back from overseas, so I can't see it quite yet. I'd like to know more about how they drive, if the 170 smaller version is better for me, a 61 year old woman. I can't find one in my area, Maine to see or drive, so for now I'm looking for good old advice. The think I am most impressed by and worried about at the same time is how could I possibly keep all the systems going? This is a beautiful and complicated RV.
    Is there a Roadtrek mechanic in the Maine to Boston area that anyone knows about? I have a mechanic lined up, but he is not a specialist in RVs or Roadtreks. He is, however, a very good mechanic.

    Any advice is welcome.
  7. hannafree

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    I have just been warned that buying an RV that is overseas to be shipped here and using EBay as a middleman, could be a SCAM. Anyone have any experience or advice with this? He says that I can refuse it upon arrival, and that I have 5 days to drive it and refuse it. Hmmm. It's a 1999 Roadtrek 190 with 44,000 for $17,500. If it's too good to be true it probably is?
    Oh dear.
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    Just got rid of a scam like this from Wash,state.Going to sell me a MC 2010for 9,800.Sounded to good to be true so after playing his game I told him I had a friend in the area that would look at it for me and give him cash right there.He stated that he was on contract to ship it and we had to work through his shipper.(go fiqure)Anyhow never did answer me back after that.I really dont believe anyone would ship a RV overseas (cost).Did 13 years in germany and bought mine and sold it there before leaving.If it was me I wou
  9. C Nash

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    Has scam witten all over it. Do not send no money to cover anything. Bet if you will do as wildcatering did and tell them you have someone in that area you will hear no more from them. If it sounds to good to be true RUN!! Keep us posted
  10. hannafree

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    Thanks, I agree. I saw yet another add to ship a similar RV from Portugal, same rap, different name, too good to be true price. It IS a scam. I'm but a pawn in the game.
    Luckily I trusted yours and my own instincts and kept researching. Thanks for the advice!
    So I'm still looking, but laying low. This experience has sobered me on the need to be very careful.
  11. bandalop

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    I got hooked up with a SCAM like this 4 years ago when I was shopping for an upgrade to the RV I had. I answered an ad in the paper and was all pumped up about it. Pictures of the RV looked great and the price was very good! When I was asked to send a certified check and then meet the guy to pick it up, in another state, I got suspicious. So I asked for a copy of the registration papers. Never heard from the guy after that! Best bet is to buy person to person or thru a dealer. I wound up with one off a dealer's lot, used but in very good condition. I have put over 20K miles on it with no problems.
  12. H2H1

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    that is good to hear that you did not fall for the spamm/scam

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