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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by dunworking, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. dunworking

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    dear Friends
    I hope you can help me as we are selling up in UK to buy an RV in the states then having 6 months in US touring then shipping home
    The queston is can I get insurance for that time not having a US home
    And I believe I would have to register in US for that time again I have no address in the states

    Thank you for your time and any answers
  2. try2findus

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    Re: buying rv

    Welcome dunworking! If I am not mistaken, you may be able to obtain a Post Office Box in certain states so you will have "an address in the States". The thing I am not sure about, is your driver's license...would you have to obtain that here as well? Those are questions for long time fulltimers like Kirk. Hopefully he will see your post and have the answers you are seeking.

    Meanwhile, have you made any plans for places to go and things to see? There are many things to see and do, especially in the western portion of the United States. What time of the year do you plan to travel? Do you have any specific RV in mind? Goodness, it seems I have more questions than you! :)

    Well, good luck and if you find yourself down south toward Louisiana, give us a shout! :cool:
  3. vanole

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    Re: buying rv


    I pm'd you a couple aka "Danes are Coming" who are doing something simular to what you are doing with the exception that they did not ship their motorhome to the UK they leave it here in CONUS.

  4. dunworking

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    Re: buying rv

    Dear Jeanie and Randy
    Thank you for your comments I will add it to my growing going to USA folder :) as at this time we have not sorted out were we are going yet and if we get to your area we would love to give you a call as for the RV we are limited by price around 65 to 70 thousand dollors

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